Greening Events II Staff at the University of Bristol

  • Project Manager: Debra Hiom, ILRT
  • Project Analyst:  Heppie Curtis, Sustainability Department
  • Project Advisor: Paul Shabajee, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Senior Technical Researcher: Mike Jones,  ILRT
  • Senior Technical Researcher: Jasper Tredgold, ILRT
  • Steering Committee

  • Steering Committee Chair: Martin Wiles, Head of Sustainability
  • Committee Member: John Brenton, Sustainability Manager
  • Committee Member: Lesly Huxley, Director of ILRT 
  • Committee Member: Larissa Morrish, Head of Procurement
  • Committee Member: Chris Priest, Reader in Sustainability and Systems
  • Committee Member: Nikki Rogers, Enterprise Architect
  • Committee Member: Johanna Rule, Faculty Financial Controller,
  • Committee Member: Amy Watts, Sustainability Manager
  • Committee Member: Fiona Wilkie,  Head of Hospitality Services