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eLearning Symposium Case Study

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The Greening Events project staff  recently presented their work at the Higher Education Economics Network one day  eLearning in Economics Symposium at the University of Bristol.  A short Slidecast should be embedded below or is available via SlideShare.

As this was a workshop full of Economists it was the perfect audience to help us grapple with issues such as perverse incentives – for example how do you deal with the fact that it may be less carbon intensive for 4 people to journey by car to an event than by train but the train will be running anyway and therefore increasing the carbon impact? What might the consequences of fewer face-to-face events for tourism dependent countries and communities? And how are “net” effects estimated e.g reallocating of saved budgets?

As well as the presentation, the software tools were made available to delegates prior to the event to help plan their journey and results of their feedback will feed into the final tools and report.