Greening Events II

The main aim of the Greening Events II project is to build on the work of the initial exploratory project, in order to provide an exemplar in profiling the extent and sustainability impacts of HE events and travel within the University of Bristol, with a view to informing and helping other institutions undertake similar initiatives. 

There are two main strands of work proposed under the Greening Events II project:

  1. An Academic Event Profiler tool to allow the University of Bristol (and subsequently other universities) to systemically profile their event and travel footprints (including financial costs, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and other sustainability impacts) in order to provide a baseline on which to measure any subsequent changes.
  2. An Events Planning Toolkit to help event organisers think through what type of event (if at all) they need to hold (physical, virtual or hybrid) and then to provide assistance in the form of guidelines and technology tools with each stage in the process to enable to reduce the sustainability impacts of the event.

HEFCE have begun to encourage universities to calculate baseline data for Scope 3 GHG emissions (of which academic travel is a significant part) and to set reduction targets.  The outputs from this project will provide the HE and FE community with an exemplar in profiling the extent and sustainability impacts of HE events/travel within an organisation, which will help institutions to benchmark their emissions in this area.  In addition the project will provide tools for planning and decision making to help reduce the negative sustainability impacts of such events.