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Greening Events II Final Report

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The greening_events_II_final report is now available.  Copies of the appendices are available on request please contact

The  project was funded under the JISC Greening ICT Programme.  The project team would like to thank Rob Bristow (JISC Programme Manager) for his support during the project and to staff at UKOLN and especially Kirsty Pitkin for their excellent work on Event Amplification.  We would also like to acknowledge the helpful assistance of the Steering Committee, namely: Martin Wiles (chair), John Brenton, Lesly Huxley, Larissa Morrish, Chris Preist, Nikki Rogers, Johanna Rule, Paul Shabajee, Amy Watts and Fiona Wilkie on advising the team on the direction of the project and the participation of staff from the University of Bristol who provided feedback on the Alternatives to Travel pilot.