August 3, 2011

Joining the Greening Events Team

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Hello all. My name is Heppie Curtis and I have recently joined the Greening Events team. I thought that I would introduce myself and outline the work that I am undertaking.

There are two strands to the Greening Events project. The first is to profile the university’s business related travel and calculate the associated carbon impact. This is in accordance with HEFCE’s desire to have higher education institutions lead the nation in quantifying scope III carbon emissions and will have an influence on continued HEFCE funding.

In addition to looking at the way people are travelling, the second strand of the project is to investigate why people travel. Here the research focuses on the purpose of the many and various meetings that give rise travel and develop an understanding of how to maximise the benefit that can be gained from those meetings. If you need to travel then how do you get the most benefit from that travel? The outcome from this part of the project is to be a toolkit that helps event organisers decide what type of event they want to hold, how best to achieve their goals and then finally how to lower the environmental impacts of that event.

My work history involves fourteen years of industrial research in the computing industry: the last few years of which were focused on conducting environmental assessments of computing equipment. Given the complexity of ICT devices, that introduction to practical sustainability was a baptism by fire, but the role did allow me to wed my personal interest in sustainable living with my career.

I am, at heart, a scientist and a geek, with a passion for understanding how to enjoy this awful* world sustainably. Never happier than when researching and grubbing around in numbers and details, although always with a view to practically apply knowledge.

My other passions are singing and climbing and if I could only work out how to sing, climb and geek simultaneously then my life would be perfect.

I can be found in the Sustainability Department at Bristol University, and my e-mail address is

*In the sense of: solemnly impressive; inspiring awe: the awful majesty of alpine peaks.

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