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Green Events Guidelines

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

There are a number of existing guides and checklists to help organisations to reduce the sustainability impacts of their events, (see the annotated bibliography produced a few months back) and these have typically been produced to support a particular organisation or event. We have produced a synthesis of these guidelines part of the Greening Events project, using a qualitative research software package called Nvivo. The documents were imported into Nvivo and each guideline was assigned a node for the source of the reference e.g. Defra Guidelines and then typically they were assigned 3 or 4 headings to describe if it was a core or additional recommendation, who it applied to e.g. event organisers, event suppliers, etc and the themes it related to e.g. transport, waste reduction, etc. The resulting set of over 800 guidelines and suggestions gave a good overview of the current advice for ‘greening’ an event across a range of different sectors. Further work was then carried out to remove duplicate guidelines, to edit sentences where necessary and to pull out a subset of just over 250 guidelines, which were considered to be most applicable to an academic audience. We will be making the document available from the site shortly in the meantime if you have come across any additional guidelines or advice documents not referenced in the annotated bibliography then please let us know.