July 5, 2010

Next test for software toolkit

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We’re trialing the software with another JISC Digital Media workshop on 5th/6th July.

We have now added the following features to the CREW event web site:

  • The ability to add a KML file containing the coordinates of a route in to the event location which will be displayed via the Google Maps API. Such files can be produced by GPS powered phones with a suitable app, such as SportTracker on the Nokia. This allows a custom route to be inserted into the event route page should a Google generated one not be suitable
  • Enabled user login and commenting ability so users can add comments to each event, which might aid others with their travel plans. It also allows event organisers to add last minute information for delegates
  • An Atom RSS feed has also been generated for the comments added to each event

For the Mobile Campus Assistant web site:

  • The ability to harvest and list the comments feed produced by the CREW web site
  • The ability to display the KML route map. The javascript for the Google map has been updated to version 3 and is intended to pick up the users location if they have GPS available

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