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Pilot software demonstration

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I demoed where we’ve got to so far with developing the Greening Events toolkit during the lunchbreak of the JISC Digital Media Copyright and Digital Media course today.

The software was not yet at a stage to be rolled out before the event, so I briefly demonstrated what we’ve produced so far and described what else we are intending to add. This included showing the CREW interface styled for JISC Digital Media with the ability to show directions using Google maps between various start points, such as Bristol Temple Meads, and the course location. Also showed the existing version of Mobile Campus Assistant, including the up-to-date bus information.

Screen shot of CREW route page

The 12 course participants then filled out a short questionnaire which gave us useful information on their reaction to the toolkit, as well as some stats such as how many actually use smart phones and social media. Overall, the feedback was that the sort of information shown would likely have an effect on how they chose to travel to the event, if they had had access beforehand. The majority also said that they didn’t normally think very much about sustainability issues in relation to travelling to events but would consider this more if the Greening Events information was available to them. Some of the course participants pointed out that information concerning small details such as the location of bus stops and clear route information was likely to have a significant effect on whether they chose to walk or get a bus rather than simply taking a taxi from the station.

All in all a promising start!